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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2009|12:21 pm]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Rush - What you're doing]

Well, the best long weekend of the year is in the books. Ultimately, i didn't stay at home and i was actually out doing something, so i suppose thats a small victory. I was asked to go out camping with Paul, since basically he didn't go this year, and memories of going camping as a child came flooding back and he had an urge haha. Camping's not my thing perse, it's fun and all, but i guess ima bit of a suck when it comes to sleeping in a tent. Can do it no problem, as long as i'm not sleeping on the ground, but yeah, something about ending the night in a bed as opposed to a tiny air bed with another person to which you feel every movement is kinda unsettling. AND the fact that people's fucking stupid kids are up at like 7:30, yelling their faces off, thus waking up the entire campground. But whatever, good times were had :p Ended up going out on satruday cause i had to close firday night. Bryce was out there too, he's a good kid, added some color to the weekend. Laurel was also there for the night on friday, which i found to be rather amazing, since she's so anti-camping. But got there around like 1, spent the afternoon having a few drinks, and we went to the Falcon Lake mini-golf place, which was actually a pretty sweet course. And i kicked some ass and won :D We hit up the beach for a bit afterwards after Laurel left. Then it was supper time and then drinking time :P I certnaly put on my drinking shoes that night, outdrank everyone, and i wasn't even that out if it. Playing with the fire kept me focused haha.
Sunday was about the same, but with the slight change that there was some sort of social going on there that was apparently a bumping good time. Powie let me in on that, and said he'd come out if we could score tickets. After a long adventure the night before which lead us to the west hawk bar, we got some tickets. Powie showed up after supper. It was nice to add another face to the party, as there were only 3 of us. THere was a bunch of folk across from us who were partying pretty good, but they were the kinda crowd that needed chicks to show up to their campsite, and not more dudes *rolls eyes* fuckers :P We got kinda silly beforehand and made our way to the social. It was ur typical affair, with a bunch of youngins drinking their faces off. It was pretty enjoyable, except for the fact that they wouldn't let us out once we were inside, so there goes out chance to go smoke a J. Ah wel, me and paul had a few rips outside in the smoking area, and we finished off the rest on the way home haha. It was funny, i was proding paul into running on the way home, and he was pretty shitfaced, so he starts running. Awesome! But then theres a little dip in the sidewalk for like strollers and wheelchairs to get up on the sidewalk, we've all seen them, but it was night and yeah, paul sure didn't, and goes flying when the level of the sidewalk changes haha. Scrapped up his knee pretty good, but a good laugh was had by all. As we got back to our bay, the parkies were on the road and we talked to them for a bit :P Paul passed out and the rest of us decided to try and burn as much wood as possible so i didn't have to drag it home :D
Yesterday was another nice day, and again i was up with the chickens due to a) crows going nuts and b) the phillipino family convention hanging out in our area and making all kidns of noise at retarded times. Ate a little someth9ing, packed things up then headed to the beach for a little bit. It was a really nice day, but iu didn't really feel like beachin it up all day. Im alreayd burnt from the past day, and going to Grand Beach with Powie last thursday. So chilled there for maybe about 2 hours, then came home. It was nice to be indoors again haha :P Spent the night cahtching up on my vidz, since im not really going to be having much time for that once school rolls back around....fuck im looking forward to this being my last year, but it's going to be a bitch whereas workload is concerned. Gonna have to break out the flashcards early :P But thats enough for now, i need to get shit together, lindsay asked if i could come into work early, when it would of been nice if i could of went in at my scheduled time. Oh well, i need to money i suoppse :\
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2009|02:08 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

Really trying to break this terrible cycle of not getting any sleep. Its harder then i want it to be :P Damn my social life. One step at a time. Im gonna go play some chrono trigger in bed!
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(no subject) [Aug. 5th, 2008|11:18 am]
[Current Location |Basement of dooooom]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |THe Strokes - Reptilia]

holy fuck...it's been 3 months since i've updated this thing! A little wacky, i'll say for sure....but it's been a busy summer, even if the weather hasn't really been cooperating. I've gorwn into quite the little social butterfly :P ALwyas seems to be a phonecall from at least a few people asking me what im doing. This is what happens when you got a close group of friends, which im not saying is a bad thing, but sometimes you can't help but unintentionaly step on other peoples toes.

The summer's been going pretty well actually. Can't say i've done much in the way of camping, or going on trips and whatnot. Thats been filled with copious amounts of work. Work work and more work. However, all that works going to be paying off in a few short days :D I can proudly say that im heading on vacation back to the motherland :P Thats right, im off for Portugal!! Uncle Joe and the lot were heading off for a family vacation there, and they asked me if i wanted to come along, to which there wasn't much thought to my answer :P So it's been a summer of savings so to speak. Getting all my last minute stuff together. I still need to start packing :\ But i think im going to expand on this later, i just waNted to break the 7 inch layer of dust on this puppy. Plus i'd like to get my run in before i head to work. Makes things a lot easier for me when i get home since i gotta work at 7:30 tomorrow. Ta!
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If you were a Microbe...where would You Goo??? [Dec. 13th, 2007|01:44 pm]
[Current Location |Transcona]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |The Trews - So She's Leaving]

Gah...Well that was an eventuful day. It's really fun spending all day at school :P But it sorta gets the job done, those last few hours cramming away till you can write your final. Had my first one yesterday: Mircrobiology. It was pretty ridiculous. Didn't help in the first place that i got a shitty ass sleep tuesday night. I was so worried that i was tossing for a good 3 hours. So i only ended up getting aobut 5 hours. Sorta passed out in RPM for about an hour, don;t know if it really did me any good, but it needed to be done. When it actually came down to writing the damn thing...oy, what a gong show. Cardonas questions weren't that bad, save for one i thought wasn't in the notes at all, but Berkan apparently told me theyt were, so eff on that. Then Orensik's questions were just plain wacky. Having to make sure you read the entire question, cause one word could totally change your possible answer. Also a good majority of his questions (the entire exam being multiple choic) was sorta like A) X b) X C)X d) two of the above e) All or none of the above. FUcking hate that. Messes with your head. But what can you do, it's all in the books now. Praying i got my C...

Then afterwards, i was treated to about the coldest walk ever! I had taken the car to school, so i had to park in the two toonie lot to avoid being assraped for parking anywhere else, and when i left the exam, man was it snowing out! And freaking windy too! And needless to say, the walk from Frank Kennedy to the Lot isn't a short one :P But many blasts of snow in the face later, finally made it to my car, where scraping the windows seems to of did fuck all! Met up with Tracy in the giant tiger parking lot on Pembina, to which wer smoked a bowl and discussed the stupidness of the exam we had just written. Then i slowly made my way over the Craig and Lindsays for some adventures. Wathced a 3 parter South Park episode. THe one where they goto Imagination land, it was pretty funny. Many bowls and Wii games later, it was time to head'er. I needed a good nights sleep. I think 10 hours is good enough for now :P But today's going to be filled with ALL kinds of Liear Algebra related goodness. Im actually somewhat confident for this, which is rather shocking, cuase it's math...adn me and math don;t usually get along. Gotta say, the Grants Tutoring books is helping me TONS. Just hope its the right kind of helping. Might get screwed over by the russian quees tomorrow :P But, its after 2, and i need to get cracking. Get a good 3 hours in before i hit the treadmill :P Ta for now!

Bye the way, if i were a microbe, my response is that i would goto the moon, cause clearly microbes can goto the moon :D
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Getting to school after the sun rises? Thats just silly! [Oct. 23rd, 2007|07:57 am]
[Current Location |Macray Hall Comp Lab]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |Van Halen - Standing On Top Of the World]

you know it's somewhat depressing when you get to university in the moring and it's still pretty much dark outside :p Talk about being motivated for the rest of the day....Luckily this is a short day for me, kinda :P Got my organic lab at 8:30, then i got a nice big break from 11:30 to 2:30. However, at 2:30 i got my linear algebra tutorial, and i thought there was a quiz this week, but upon glancing at my syllabus this morning, i noticed the next quiz isn't until the end of the month :D I SHOULD probably still go anyways, but if i don't, that means i can go home and get a jump start on studying organic. Of all my mid-terms, thats the one i;m aboslulty dreading writing. Fucking chemicals.....

Speaking of stupid mid-terms, i wrote linear algebra last night. It was only an hour exam, so obviously your not expecting much in term of questions. There was a fair bit of work, but it was all divided into parts a b c d etc. All in all i must say i was impressed with my skills. However, as i answered all the hard work involving questions, i was kicking myself in the head when it came to the really simple stuff, and i completly drew a blank! Stuff i told myself that i should look over. Bloody hell.....at elast those were the questions that weren;t worht AS much....but still, a points a point right?

Also on sunday went to go see 30 Days of Night. WHich i thouroughly enjoyed! I'm a sucker for a good vampire movie, and this was a nice mix! Apparently based on some graphic novel that won all kinds of awards or something. Many nice changes too. These vampires actually weren't stupid and got killed for stupid reasons. Go thinking!! Also, these vamps were moer a take on the traditional vampire, which was a different change of pace from all the underworld -esque type of blood sucker. Pretty freaky too, there was more then ocne instance when i jumped pretty good :P

Well, it's that time again, freaking chem lab....
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2007|10:17 am]
[Current Location |Macray Comp lab]
[music |Aerosmith - Falling in love (is hard on the knees)]

Yup, i can feel the vice being securly placed, ready to be tightened. So my summer is about 95% over. I feel so lucky i get to goto summer class tomorrow....*cough cough*..........

Although i'm kinda glad to be going back to class (the away time from Sobeys will be doing wonders for my sanity), i'm terrifed about not botching this up. This course kicked my ass...pretty hard. I do plan on going "Plants" on this mother, i still can't help but feel...worried. Been overthinking things a lot lately.

The paretns are gone to vegas till the end of the week. So it'll be nice and quiet in here.

I've been in the wierdest mood today. So tired and just overly bitter towards everything it seems. Some


So i wrote that the other day, but i accidently closed the window, and thus was lost. Or so i thought. Come to uni today and deicde to check the ol LJ, and then when i wanted to post, the "restore draft" deal came up. I figured it would of brought up something i wrote back here in the spring, but nope, got that instead. Kinda glad, i wanted to make that an entry :P But yeah, i have a feeling i'm not going to have much of a life from now till augest 24th. Although my first class yesterday was rather slack and short, she said we would start firing on the afterburners today. And not a single thing has been taken out, which i really shouldn't of been expecting, would of been nice though :P

So freaking tired. Don't really understand it. I got about 6 hours sleep last night, i should be at least able to function for now. Thinkn i'm going to take a nap when i get home. But that'll be after i head to Best Buy and get my copy of 300 which comes out todya :D:D Might watch it tonight if i get enough studying done today.

I decided i wanted to be organized somewhat for school this year. So yesterday when i got home, went over to stalples and got myself a few things. I'm a proud owner of my own whiteboard now :P For all those importnat dates and such to remember. I just need to find a spot to hang it in the ol' tiny room and we're good to go. God, speaking of my room, the place is a freaking stye! I moved stuff off my desk to make room for my text, problem book etc, and just piled everything else on my dresser and the floor. It's like a minefield :P ANywho, time to head to class, gotta get a somewhat decent seat.
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Hard to see, the future is... [Jul. 11th, 2007|01:10 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]
[music |DJ Dean - Angel Beats]

Oh Yoda, how right you are!

So been doing a lot of figuring lately, and yeah, as it goes for my finiancial situation right now, i'm pretty fucked, to be very blunt :S. Now i know i've been complaining a lot about Sobeys lately, and how they're not giving me any hours, despite all the bitching everyone is doing, and it's really doing a number on me. I decided to crunch numbers to see how much i actually have, and fuck, it's at least 500$ less then where i though ti was right now. Whcih isn't good, cause i still got my summer course to pay for, somehow manage to pay for a full year of school (at least 3 courses per semester) and still hav e a chunk leftover for my trip to Portugal next year. Now it looks like i'm going to have to keep my work load up during the year so i can actually afford to go...yippie. I'm absolutly kicking myself that i didn't find a second job at the begining of summer. I still got a few paychecks left till school starts, so crossing the fingers....
Also, got a letter from uni today...saying something along the lines of my tuition balance is overdue or something, and that my account and such has been frozen till i pay up...which is fucking retarded, since i only registered for the course not even a week ago, and it clearly said that i have until june 29th to pay....and now i get this bull shit letter?! Well, i've decided to take care of this before it gets any worse. So i'm heading to uni on friday, and quite possibly giving them hell as to why i got this letter.

Things are going absolutly swimmingly right now....

Weekend wasn't bad i suppose. Worked all of it (quelle surprise) but the periods where i wasn't at work wasn't bad. Friday just spend World of Warcrafting with Kyle and Dan, then had a BBQ at Dan's place saturday night, which was pretty damned tasty. Then sunday was TRANSFORMERS!!!! FOr a movie that really wasn't anything near what i grew up watching, fuck did i enjoy myself :P I pretty much threw all my expectations of living up to the cartoon a long time ago, so this was an interesting experience. Must say that they decided to do some pretty interesting things, but still, Megatron is dead??? Come on now :P However, the one thing i did want to see, was deliverd rather nicly: Starscream fucking shit up :P ALthough he really didn'ty say much, he was a vicious SOB! Lots of havoc and damage caused by him, and it made me happy :) ANd the fact that he's the only decepticon that made it out alive made me happy. The guy's a fridge.

Well, enough random ramblings for now, gotta get ready for the excitment that is Sobeys...can't wait till school starts (can't believe i said that)
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2007|01:02 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

I know it's a little late, but Happy Pride to one and all ^^ Much fun was had today! An acutal update IS coming, just need to find time to get some thoughts down ;P
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2007|11:39 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |South Park]

I feel kinda accomplished today....Had the day off today. And my chem exam is just under 3 weeks away. It';s time to start studying. Been going since about monday. I'm going pretty in depth in this one, just haven't put in a lot of time as of yet. Did 3 hours today though, not too shabby. Plus, i signed up for a prep seminar dealy that Tracy passed my way. It's going to be an absolute horrid day, but worht it. COsts 60$, and i get a grant's tutoring-like book with explinations and examples and all that good stuff. Only downfall with that is that it's on Easter Sunday...but i've already told the rents, it kinda sucks, but they seem to be okay with it. They know that class is raping me. I realllly hope that someone from my lab or that i know is there, 7 hours of chem solo is going to be murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrderous. God i don';t even want to think about that :P

Weekends shaping up to look pretty decent. Going to see my dealer tomorrow (schwing). Then i'm not sure...might hang with the gay crowd and do up the barscene tomorrow, but then someone might be coming into town, and were allegedly going to hang out. HOwever, for some reason, instincts are telling me not to hold me breath....so not sure.
BUt on saturday...oooooooooooooooooooooooo man! Someone from work got married not so long ago, and it's there wedding social. We;ve all been saying to him we're going to get all rowdy and get kicked out, to which he tells us there's nothing we can do to get kicked out. rofl, so we're putting him to the test! Which reminds me, anyone interested in a social shgould let me know ;)

SUndays just going to be damn interesting, being all hung-over and at work. Always equals fun times ;) THen as always, Sunday night movie. THere's a couple good options this week, so it's should be a good one. I gotta see 300 again. If anyone hasn't seen it yet...go do it :P

blah...so tired. Haven't been feeling so hot latley. Must....fight it...off!!! Plus, the Daily Show's going to be on soon. Jon Stewart makes me giggle. Sleep is also good too ^^
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My brain hurts.... [Mar. 2nd, 2007|04:30 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Astral Projection - Mahadeva 991 remix]

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat Ceasar's Ghost! What a week. ALso, really haven't updated in a while...lots has happened, but i'll just stress the recent :P

This past week was midterms. God, whata gong show....i guess it's usually called reading week cuase studetns are supposed to actually get some reading done..(along with going to mexico and such)...alas, there was no reading done by me :P..but i think i mentioned this already. Regardless, wish i did, cause it would of made my exams a lil easier.
Had my Genetics and Social Psych exams today. WHich were redonkulously easy, i was surprised. Didn't even need my calculator for genetics....freakin prof. It was chem that was the nutbuster, as i predicted. I don;t think i've ever done so poorly since my first year. Wowzers did that bring back a bunch of memories. Pretty ashamed of my performace. I mean yeah, i didn't understand thematerial, but i should of done something abou tit. Now i could be forced to drop out, possibly take it in the summer...which i don;'t want to do...but we shall see what the mark was.

After the exam, i sorta drowned myself with pot and booze at Kyle's place. His 'rents are out of town, so me and the guys from work sorta invaded his place. SUcha nice house, and a bigscreen to boot ! <3 We didn't do any battlefront, but we did hit the hottub for a bit, which was nice. My back was killing me from the gym earlier. However, i made the ever so brilliant choice of having my cell in my pocket. I'm sure you can guess what happened eh? Yup...it decided to go for a little swim. Paul had called and said he might stop by, so i had le phone with me for when he called. Gold star for me. SO i don't know if it'll even work now...it's sitting drying upstaires, might give'er a go at the end of the weekend, see what happens. Luckily, the Brick was raring for a chance to be put back into service :)

Weekend should be interesting. I work at 5am tomorrow, so probably just going to rent a movie for myself tonight. TOmorrow, hopefully get a party going at Kyle's, sunday watch movies and play vidz, all is well :D omg!!! 300 opens in a week !!! Holy mother fuckiung ass crackers i want to see that movie!
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