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Yup, i can feel the vice being securly placed, ready to be tightened.… - Adam [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 31st, 2007|10:17 am]
[Current Location |Macray Comp lab]
[music |Aerosmith - Falling in love (is hard on the knees)]

Yup, i can feel the vice being securly placed, ready to be tightened. So my summer is about 95% over. I feel so lucky i get to goto summer class tomorrow....*cough cough*..........

Although i'm kinda glad to be going back to class (the away time from Sobeys will be doing wonders for my sanity), i'm terrifed about not botching this up. This course kicked my ass...pretty hard. I do plan on going "Plants" on this mother, i still can't help but feel...worried. Been overthinking things a lot lately.

The paretns are gone to vegas till the end of the week. So it'll be nice and quiet in here.

I've been in the wierdest mood today. So tired and just overly bitter towards everything it seems. Some


So i wrote that the other day, but i accidently closed the window, and thus was lost. Or so i thought. Come to uni today and deicde to check the ol LJ, and then when i wanted to post, the "restore draft" deal came up. I figured it would of brought up something i wrote back here in the spring, but nope, got that instead. Kinda glad, i wanted to make that an entry :P But yeah, i have a feeling i'm not going to have much of a life from now till augest 24th. Although my first class yesterday was rather slack and short, she said we would start firing on the afterburners today. And not a single thing has been taken out, which i really shouldn't of been expecting, would of been nice though :P

So freaking tired. Don't really understand it. I got about 6 hours sleep last night, i should be at least able to function for now. Thinkn i'm going to take a nap when i get home. But that'll be after i head to Best Buy and get my copy of 300 which comes out todya :D:D Might watch it tonight if i get enough studying done today.

I decided i wanted to be organized somewhat for school this year. So yesterday when i got home, went over to stalples and got myself a few things. I'm a proud owner of my own whiteboard now :P For all those importnat dates and such to remember. I just need to find a spot to hang it in the ol' tiny room and we're good to go. God, speaking of my room, the place is a freaking stye! I moved stuff off my desk to make room for my text, problem book etc, and just piled everything else on my dresser and the floor. It's like a minefield :P ANywho, time to head to class, gotta get a somewhat decent seat.