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If you were a Microbe...where would You Goo??? - Adam [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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If you were a Microbe...where would You Goo??? [Dec. 13th, 2007|01:44 pm]
[Current Location |Transcona]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |The Trews - So She's Leaving]

Gah...Well that was an eventuful day. It's really fun spending all day at school :P But it sorta gets the job done, those last few hours cramming away till you can write your final. Had my first one yesterday: Mircrobiology. It was pretty ridiculous. Didn't help in the first place that i got a shitty ass sleep tuesday night. I was so worried that i was tossing for a good 3 hours. So i only ended up getting aobut 5 hours. Sorta passed out in RPM for about an hour, don;t know if it really did me any good, but it needed to be done. When it actually came down to writing the damn thing...oy, what a gong show. Cardonas questions weren't that bad, save for one i thought wasn't in the notes at all, but Berkan apparently told me theyt were, so eff on that. Then Orensik's questions were just plain wacky. Having to make sure you read the entire question, cause one word could totally change your possible answer. Also a good majority of his questions (the entire exam being multiple choic) was sorta like A) X b) X C)X d) two of the above e) All or none of the above. FUcking hate that. Messes with your head. But what can you do, it's all in the books now. Praying i got my C...

Then afterwards, i was treated to about the coldest walk ever! I had taken the car to school, so i had to park in the two toonie lot to avoid being assraped for parking anywhere else, and when i left the exam, man was it snowing out! And freaking windy too! And needless to say, the walk from Frank Kennedy to the Lot isn't a short one :P But many blasts of snow in the face later, finally made it to my car, where scraping the windows seems to of did fuck all! Met up with Tracy in the giant tiger parking lot on Pembina, to which wer smoked a bowl and discussed the stupidness of the exam we had just written. Then i slowly made my way over the Craig and Lindsays for some adventures. Wathced a 3 parter South Park episode. THe one where they goto Imagination land, it was pretty funny. Many bowls and Wii games later, it was time to head'er. I needed a good nights sleep. I think 10 hours is good enough for now :P But today's going to be filled with ALL kinds of Liear Algebra related goodness. Im actually somewhat confident for this, which is rather shocking, cuase it's math...adn me and math don;t usually get along. Gotta say, the Grants Tutoring books is helping me TONS. Just hope its the right kind of helping. Might get screwed over by the russian quees tomorrow :P But, its after 2, and i need to get cracking. Get a good 3 hours in before i hit the treadmill :P Ta for now!

Bye the way, if i were a microbe, my response is that i would goto the moon, cause clearly microbes can goto the moon :D