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Well, the best long weekend of the year is in the books. Ultimately,… - Adam [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 8th, 2009|12:21 pm]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Rush - What you're doing]

Well, the best long weekend of the year is in the books. Ultimately, i didn't stay at home and i was actually out doing something, so i suppose thats a small victory. I was asked to go out camping with Paul, since basically he didn't go this year, and memories of going camping as a child came flooding back and he had an urge haha. Camping's not my thing perse, it's fun and all, but i guess ima bit of a suck when it comes to sleeping in a tent. Can do it no problem, as long as i'm not sleeping on the ground, but yeah, something about ending the night in a bed as opposed to a tiny air bed with another person to which you feel every movement is kinda unsettling. AND the fact that people's fucking stupid kids are up at like 7:30, yelling their faces off, thus waking up the entire campground. But whatever, good times were had :p Ended up going out on satruday cause i had to close firday night. Bryce was out there too, he's a good kid, added some color to the weekend. Laurel was also there for the night on friday, which i found to be rather amazing, since she's so anti-camping. But got there around like 1, spent the afternoon having a few drinks, and we went to the Falcon Lake mini-golf place, which was actually a pretty sweet course. And i kicked some ass and won :D We hit up the beach for a bit afterwards after Laurel left. Then it was supper time and then drinking time :P I certnaly put on my drinking shoes that night, outdrank everyone, and i wasn't even that out if it. Playing with the fire kept me focused haha.
Sunday was about the same, but with the slight change that there was some sort of social going on there that was apparently a bumping good time. Powie let me in on that, and said he'd come out if we could score tickets. After a long adventure the night before which lead us to the west hawk bar, we got some tickets. Powie showed up after supper. It was nice to add another face to the party, as there were only 3 of us. THere was a bunch of folk across from us who were partying pretty good, but they were the kinda crowd that needed chicks to show up to their campsite, and not more dudes *rolls eyes* fuckers :P We got kinda silly beforehand and made our way to the social. It was ur typical affair, with a bunch of youngins drinking their faces off. It was pretty enjoyable, except for the fact that they wouldn't let us out once we were inside, so there goes out chance to go smoke a J. Ah wel, me and paul had a few rips outside in the smoking area, and we finished off the rest on the way home haha. It was funny, i was proding paul into running on the way home, and he was pretty shitfaced, so he starts running. Awesome! But then theres a little dip in the sidewalk for like strollers and wheelchairs to get up on the sidewalk, we've all seen them, but it was night and yeah, paul sure didn't, and goes flying when the level of the sidewalk changes haha. Scrapped up his knee pretty good, but a good laugh was had by all. As we got back to our bay, the parkies were on the road and we talked to them for a bit :P Paul passed out and the rest of us decided to try and burn as much wood as possible so i didn't have to drag it home :D
Yesterday was another nice day, and again i was up with the chickens due to a) crows going nuts and b) the phillipino family convention hanging out in our area and making all kidns of noise at retarded times. Ate a little someth9ing, packed things up then headed to the beach for a little bit. It was a really nice day, but iu didn't really feel like beachin it up all day. Im alreayd burnt from the past day, and going to Grand Beach with Powie last thursday. So chilled there for maybe about 2 hours, then came home. It was nice to be indoors again haha :P Spent the night cahtching up on my vidz, since im not really going to be having much time for that once school rolls back around....fuck im looking forward to this being my last year, but it's going to be a bitch whereas workload is concerned. Gonna have to break out the flashcards early :P But thats enough for now, i need to get shit together, lindsay asked if i could come into work early, when it would of been nice if i could of went in at my scheduled time. Oh well, i need to money i suoppse :\